We rely and trust courier service providers to deliver sensitive documents but they can get lost in the postal system – they don’t disappear. In this case, they like many other sensitive documents resurfaced in APC Overnight undelivered and unclaimed freight department known as UID.

In a demonstration of sheer negligence and carelessness, parcel company APC Overnight disposed of IVF patient information among its lost parcels.


@UHSFT #apcovernight #apc #overnight have taken no responsibility for their negligence in handing me extremely sensitive @CompFertility IVF patient information. @ICOnews holds you accountable as the #datacontroller #databreach.


University Hospital Southampton NHS FT. APC Overnight has taken no responsibility for their negligence at their National Sortation Centre in handing me extremely sensitive COMPLETE FERTILITY LIMITED IVF patient information. The Information Commissioner’s Office holds you accountable as the #datacontroller #databreach.

Jonathan Pillinger-Cork – Trust Information Governance Manager has been notified but since moved to Specsavers.


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