There are no shortage of wine and spirits delivery couriers but one in particular is also a reseller – APC Overnight.

It seems that every 3 months when our friend visited APC Overnight to purchase their so-called undelivered and unclaimed consignments – there was always plenty of booze.

Some very distinctive brands from specialist wines merchants, £2000 cases of whisky, £1000 crates of mini wine bottles were business as usual to sell on as customers had not opted for APC’s expensive liability cover. If they had, their insurance guy would be all over them to save paying out thousands on compensation.

Since when did APC Overnight have a licence to sell alcohol? Never.

APC Overnight were only accountable to themselves and sold on customers goods without taking reasonable steps to trace them back. Time is money in the parcel delivery business so why would you waste time and dwell on something you failed to deliver, just get rid of it or keep it for yourself. Customers should speak to the APC Overnight UID department, security manager and the chief executive who are fully aware of practices they don’t want to shout about.

Customers may want to have a look at just some photos from our gallery to see if their alcohol has been sold on.

Don’t just love the way they cleanse the packages scoring the edges of the labels with a craft knife and ripping them off.

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