Exhibition Courier Services are difficult to to get right but very easy to go wrong. How wrong could things go for you?

Demonstrating a consistent negligence in the sale of your lost parcels, APC Overnight have undone themselves yet again. Most respectable parcel companies know how important it is to protect your brand and intellectual property – it’s not all about numbers.

How can any potential customer have confidence in APC Overnight when the proverbial hits the fan. Your parcel gets lost, what hope is there of it being recovered?

Until recently, you would have sort if you are an account customer and the lost item clearly has your logo and telephone number on it, you have a good chance of getting your goods back.

It had never occurred to customer that their goods would be sold to third parties. Unfortunately, our source managed not only procure goods from APC Overnight that belonged to their customer but also APC themselves.

In this article we will discuss customer who have lost banner stands, exhibition display stands which of aluminium construction as significantly more expensive.

If the label on the upright case, peels off – surely there is a good chance of finding information inside that points to owner instead of simply flogging it on. With APC Overnight, it would not hold any hope.

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