We all accept that our there is very small risk that our luggage can get lost in transit. There are many third parties involved working alongside airlines especially in cases where baggage has been delayed.

This is where independent couriers come in. The luggage delivery service business is very and pretty straight-forward. Unfortunately labels can get damaged during transit and suitcases end up in lost property departments like that of APC Overnight.

What happens next?

Well, according to the Tort Interference with Goods Act, APC would be expected to make reasonable steps to trace back suitcases to their true owners. In the time and resource driven delivery business and in a department where is no external oversight what do you think would happen?

Nothing, this is why we managed to trace back owners of suitcases containing their personal belonging including identification documents, USB drives containing personal photos.

In one case, a student had APC courier his belongings between England and Scotland – they never showed. We found his university certificates, passports, bank statements – even his work contract for a graduate position with an oil company.

Another suitcase being delivered within the UK contained hundreds of copies of driving licences and passports of private individuals who had applied for jobs with Carphone Warehouse via Detail2Recruitment company

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