It was distinctive bright orange PVC drawstring bag. It contained specialist equipment which the engineer would use to work safely at heights including telecoms poles.

The equipment was manufactured by Heightec and included specialist rope, fall arrest harnesses, anchor straps and helmets.

At the time the engineer, Mr G worked for Comvergent based out of Chester

All APC Overnight had to do was look inside, discovered the his ID card and contact Comvergent’s QHSE Manager Andy Moore. Instead, they simply flogged it on costing them nothing – in fact they actually sold it.

This health and safety equipment can be particularly time-sensitive and its failed delivery can have knock effective as field engineer jobs are often booked months in advance.

Had the sender taken the out the expensive liability cover, APC Overnight’s insurance guy would have been proactively on the hunt for a bright orange plastic drawstring bag containing protective gear including helmet and employee ID card.

Nevertheless, the law requires APC Overnight to take reasonable steps to trace goods back to their owners which they clearly have not done in this case.

This is just another one of many example of how a lost property department without oversight is left to do what they please with your lost property.

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