FREE Drinks at Cafe Nero and Marks & Spencer coutesy of APC Overnight

Most of us have been to coffee shops and been offered a card where we get an ink stamp for every drink we purchase. Once we have purchased several drinks and the card is fully stamped we get a free drink.

So, we tried this at both Cafe Nero and Marks & Spencer. We purchased one drink, got the card with the one stamp. When then completed the rest of the card using the ink stamps supplied by APC Overnight and went back to both store and got the largest size drinks available with all the toppings for FREE.

This is another example of how important it is to deal with a competent courier company. It’s not rocket science but what sets all couriers apart is how they deal with situations, when things go wrong.

These ink stamps are only for free coffee but they could have just as easily been for a GP surgery or solicitors.

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