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Buying items off APC Overnight for 5 years was based completely on a chance encounter. I had never heard of             before. However, I unwittingly traced goods back to them which were actually being sold by an auction house in Birmingham, on behalf of another parcel company altogether.

Through my confusion and curiosity, I contacted APC and spoke with their security manager who invited me to their National Sortation Centre. During my visit, he suggested that the item most probably got mixed up at East Midlands airport as it was inbound i.e. coming from outside the UK.

East Midlands Airport Cargo

East Midlands Airport is the second largest cargo airport in the United Kingdom after London Heathrow. In 2012 Heathrow handled 1.56 million tonnes of freight & mail compared with 300,000 tonnes at East Midlands.[2] DHL Aviation have a large purpose-built facility at EMA, and courier companies United Parcel Service (UPS) and TNT also use the airport as a base to import/export freight to Belfast and Liege. (Wikipedia)

He recommended that I contact the office and arrange a meeting with the general manager as they had lots of UID freight. UID was the internal label given to undelivered and unclaimed consignments.

I made a second visit to their National Sortation Centre which at that time was based in Essington, Wolverhampton. The general manager and I made an informal agreement that APC Overnight would sell UID freight every 3 months, contacting me when items were ready for collection.

Entrance to the former National Sortation Centre.

On my first collection there was a lot of freight, some had even been stored outside under something that looked like a giant car port. Its the place marked UID nearest to the top of the photo.

UID freight was initially stored in and collected from the main warehouse building before being moved to Site 2.

Damaged goods covered by ‘increased liability cover’ (insurance) were also managed from Site 2.

National Sortation Centre in Wolverhampton. They relocated to Cannock in 2013.

On a typical collection, I would report to security on arrival and then drive round to the where the freight was stored and be met with same APC staff:

1. MG

2. MG and DH

3. DH

4. DH and KJ

DH started working with insurance damaged goods.

The freight was stored in cages like the ones you see in the photos on the homepage. The cages were labelled ‘Good Reason’ was reference to a limited company I operated that officially bought the freight off APC]. In later years, I bought the freight as a sole trader.

Staff would unlock the cages and we would empty the contents onto the warehouse floor or immediately load them onto my van. Large items were the last to be loaded. As this was done, APC Overnight staff compiled hand-written lists.

In later years, staff had freight wrapped up on pallets so it could be quickly fork-lifted on to my van. Lists of goods had been prepared in advance also. This saved a lot of time as before it could take up to 3 hours if I was left to load the van on my own as staff were tied up with other duties and DH was recovering from a hernia operation.

After the UID freight was loaded, I would meet with MG to see what insurance damaged goods were available. A price was agreed and I was invoiced separately for good described as insurance salvage.

Insurance Salvage

APC Overnight offers an optional Increased Liability Cover which is effective insurance cover in the event of loss or damage to their goods in transit.

In the event of a claim, damaged goods are sent to their National Sortation Centre where they are assessed by a separate department.

Customers may be asked to produce receipts so that APC can check details such as make, model no, and cost price of goods.

These damaged goods were sold separately and described as ‘insurance salvage’ on my invoices.

The majority of the goods sold to me were from UID freight and not covered by their increased liability cover.

Goods damaged in transit: artwork, carbon fibre bikes, high-end electrical appliances, LED TVs & surfboards.



Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood Skulls on Stage suffered very minor glass damage in transit.

Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood Skulls on Stage suffered very minor glass damage in transit and was sold to me as insurance salvage.


The odd item or two had been removed from eBay and returned to its true owner, but there were never any problems.

There was no contract with APC and after 5 years they decided to sell UID freight to another business.

There were still had a lot of consignments from APC which had not even been catalogued yet. I usually browsed through consignments to identify high value and immediately sale-able items, the rest I simply ignored and put into storage.

After putting off for quite some time, I decided to go through all the items I had acquired over the years. Unfortunately, I came across too many traceable items including personal and corporate documents.

Here are just a few examples:

After 6 months of carefully going through all the items, an e-mail was sent to all of APC Overnight’s board of directors including the chief executive at the time to raise my issues and concerns.

I received a response from APC which quoted the law that entitles them to sell undelivered and unclaimed consignments. They also detailed their practices and procedures.

I asked them if they had backups of photos and descriptions of the goods they sold to me. APC Ovenright refused to answer any questions or meeting in a neutral place where I could product photos giving detailed examples of the items in question.

Instead, they insisted on meeting only where they could have sight of all the items.

Fast forward and we have lostparcels.com

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