Ethicon Endo-Surgery Echelon Flex 60 Endopath Stapler

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Ethicon Endo-Surgery Echelon Flex 60 Endopath Stapler

Optimal staple formation, even in thick tissue1
Enhanced system-wide compression aids in proper staple formation, which is necessary to achieve a leak resistant and hemostatic staple line
Compression before firing gently exudes fluid from targeted tissue before firing
Alignment during firing ensures a uniform distance between the anvil and cartridge surfaces during firing
All cartridges fit through a 12mm trocar§
tissue cut
Stay focused on the surgical field without interruption
Natural, one-handed operation allows the surgeon to focus on the line of transection and place the anvil exactly where needed
Facilitates tissue positioning/manipulation with its wide proximal to distal jaw aperture
Allows the surgeon to rotate, articulate and fire with one hand
One-handed operation

Natural articulation removes the guesswork regarding how far to articulate when compared to lever-based, two-handed endocutters

The rotating knob enables one-handed shaft rotation

The anvil release button allows one-handed opening of the jaws with the thumb after completion of the firing process
Lockout mechanism

The safety lockout prevents inadvertent firing of empty or misloaded cartridges and is indicated visually by the device status indicator

The manual knife reverse switch provides the ability to discontinue the firing process and return the knife blade to the home position

Increased Usability

Stroke count indicator displays the number of strokes during each firing

Knife direction indicator displays the knife direction

Wide range of 6-row cartridges to accommodate various tissue thickness

Fits down 12mm trocar†

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