2 Jiffy Bags containing Asda Student Shopper Card Registration Forms

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2 Jiffy Bags containing Asda Student Shopper Card Registration Forms
These should have been destroyed or passed on to Asda and certainly not passed over to me – especially since they accessed it as part of their disposal process. This is just another example of APC Overnight’s incompetence in dealing with personal data.
Data Protection Officer
Asda House
Great Wilson Street
LS11 5AD
I should be contacting all the students as I am sure they are intelligent enough to know that their personal data had not been handled properly.
I contacted Simon D J Hall – DPO and Head of Privacy at Asda Store Limited and his initial response was:
“I think you are writing to the wrong person. I do work as Asia but have nothing to do with these cards or registration forms.”
I replied:
“On the bottom of the forms it mentions: Data Protection Officer, Asda, Asda House, Southbank, Great Wilson Street, Leeds LS11 5AD. Do you know who this Data Protection Officer is?”
I received a further response from Simon:
“Could you please send details to dataprotection@asda.co.uk? preferably with a scanned copy of a form. If it has personal Information on it, please obscure it. I will try to find out who in Asda owns the forms. Thanks Simon”
Hopefully, we will get to the bottom of this. But, yet again APC Overnight sold these open Jiffy Bags to me. Gods knows how much other personal data they could be selling off through their gross negligence.