Murder trial legal case documents including Police Evidence

Murder trial legal case documents including Police Evidence

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APC Overnight packet containing a quantity of legal case document, tapes & DVDs
According to the details on the APC Overnight delivery packet, this consignment appears to have been going from M & M Solicitors (partners Rakesh Morjaria & Anil Mehta) who are based in Leicester to a barristers chambers based at 7 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4BS. The recipients telephone number is 0207 242 3555. There is also a compliments slip from M & M Solicitor marked for the attention of James House.
A quick google search reveals that James House is now in fact James House QC and still based Seven Bedford Row chambers. M & M Solicitors must have prepared the case for their client and Jame is must have been representing the client in court.
The delivery packet has APC Overnight tape on it meaning that is must have been open during transit.
I would have thought that solicitors used more secure or dedicated services in DX.
This consignment consists of legal documents including evidence (1,034 exhibits) in the form of outgoing call data, text messages, call records, call data, cell site locations and call site data relating to defendants in a murder trial.
Leicester Crown Court
Case no. 33CK2590610
R -v- Terrance CARLOS, Joshua GOFFE and Shafee SHABBA
In the text message exhibits, we can see who called who, what date and time as well as the contents of the text message e.g.
“Cum fajar 2moro n town afta dat round 9ish. Ma laa ikatul moat”
I’m not an expert in Punjabi/Urdu but I believe the words “ikatul” and “moat” relate to death, killing and murder.
Cell Site Location data
A cell site or cell tower is a cellular telephone site where antennae and electronic communications equipment are placed — typically on a radio mast, tower, or other raised structure — to create a cell (or adjacent cells) in a cellular network.
This data tells you which cell tower the mobile phones involved in a call are connected to. It doesn’t give an exact location but narrow down to local areas. The data includes the phone number involved, start/end times of call, call duration, types of calls, IMSI (sim card), IMEI (phone serial no.), digital dialed.
The Cell ID location summary show the name and post code and location of cell towers. There are quite a few which explains why you may get a good signal. In these records, reference is made to 52 cell towers in the LE1 postcode area alone !
The packet also contains 380 statements including witness statements, an additional 440 exhibits, a number CDs and police interview tapes of the defendants.
By the time I realised what I had, the case had already concluded 2 years previous. It’s possible that there could have been a delay or changed in proceedings whilst this consignment remained undelivered and unclaimed.
According to the the Torts Interference with Goods Act, APC Overnight would have had a duty to look this consignment and make reasonable efforts to trace back to the true owner.
I’ve contacted M & M solicitors to see if they can confirm my findings. Their local APC depot is PARCELRITE LIMITED
I have contacted APC Overnight and am still waiting for a comment.
APC Overnight 0800 37 37 37
PARCELRITE 0116 234 1900
M&M Solicitors 0116 285 2300


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