APC Overnight Shred-It bag containing Confidential Material for Destruction

APC Overnight Shred-It bag containing Confidential Material for Destruction

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Confidential Material for Destruction from APC Overnight
This demonstrates the extent of the incompetence and/or gross negligence of the parcel carrier.
So much that they misplace their own documents. I believed these have come from a member depot in Scotland.
If they can’t make reasonable effort to trace back their own documents, how can you expect them to make reasonable effort to trace back yours.
Depot 75
Drivers Name: Alex/Eddie
Mobile No. 07827662499
Vehicle Reg: N500 APC
Trailer No: 860094
Drivers Name: Ian Carson
Mobile No. 07984723208
Vehicle Reg: R700 APC
APC Night Ops 01922702599
Sally Maitland
Yvonne Naylor
Alison Slater – APC Credit Controller
Syed Ziaullah – Former Chief Executive
Derrick Hill – 14th
Huntley Malcilm – 2nd
Ian Ford – 17th
Surj Ram – 5th
Vijay Rabidas – 16th
Sukbinder Gill – 16th
Lokman Mostafa – 1st
Abdul Bashir – 1st
Mark Taylor – 17th
Emma Bloomer – 20th
Frank Keiller – 18th
Akram Ahmed – 21st
Marcin Brzezinski – 25th
Darren Hale – 9th
Lukasz Dolinski – 7th
Mindi Ram – 7th
Sara Thacker (Customer Services) – 9th
Darren Kidson – 24th
Morris Grant – 15th
Myra McQuillan – 12th
Kim Clewley – 19th
Jolanta Wilcznska – 25th
Lisa Costin – 25th
Leigh Hawkins – 6th
Khakid Mahmoud – 21st
Karol Mroziewicz – 16th
Richard Moore – 5th
Andrew Cheshire – 7th
Martyn Lewis (Customer Services) – 24th
Nawid Andari – 11th
Chris Bowley (IT) – 15th
Mark Helon – 7th
Ashraf Hussain – 26th
Brian Hodson – 7th
Dawid Rokita – 6th
Daniel Marshall – 14th
Stacy Sinclair (D175) – 11th
Stuart Moore – 8th
Pullar Forsth Parcels
11 Dollerie Terrace
Account: 4PUL01
Depot 175 russell.gooch@apc-overnight.com
Oliver & Robb Architects Dunfermline
Morag Colley Inverness
Mr W Mason. T Burrows Clothing Store Redhill
Alan and Janet Stirling – Hornsea
George Hackland Confirmation of Decision of Disciplinary Meeting. Sarah Bucknall – Human Resources Officer
Gary Hall National Network Manager conducted the meeting and Sally Maitland took notes
Donna Cox donna.cox@apc-overnight.com
Road traffic accident involving John Carmoodie
Mark Gosling – Claims Administrator mark.gosling@apc-overnight.com
Paul Stewart – Purchase Ledger paul.stewart@apc-overnight.com
Truline Logistics Limited
Printwell (UK) Ltd
Image Printers
Wilson Gibb T/A Driver Hire
Premier Despatch
Dalkeith Transport & Storage Co. Ltd

Nikki Sidi Regional Business Manager Non-Hospital Ethicon Products UK nsidi@its.jnj.com 07884 118902

Alistair McFarland amcfarl1@its.jnj.com

Christopher Nash cnash@its.jnj.com

Mike Bellinger mbellinger@its.jnj.com

01506 594665

07831 515336

Alan Wotherspoon apwotherspoon@hotmail.co.uk
Courier RFI for Johnson & Johnson Medical Ltd

Marc Chapman mchapman@its.jnj.com

Patricia Lynn plynn@its.jnj.com

Adam Jones adam.jones@apc-overnight.com Regional Sales Manager 07827662500



Ailsa Jeffrey ailsa@findlatersfinefoods.co.uk

Paul Murray paul.murray@vitasheetgroup.co.uk account 4vit01




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