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Box makes reference to APC Priority Express

A box containing a quantity of Mint Cosmetics teeth whitening kits.

I’ve contacted them direct and waiting for a response.

Mint Cosmetics are based in Glasgow and their local APC depot is M.A.D. LOGISTICS LTD. T/A APC GLASGOW

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Difficult to trace but found another APC Customer

This item is sold online by many distributors therefore is difficult to trace back.

We did find one APC Overnight customer who sells this item. Their local depot is Nexday Overnite Limited

Boiler Parts Ltd who trade online as and

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Several Distributors of Clover Chemicals using APC Overnight

Clover Chemicals suggested that cleaning products may have originally been sent from one of their distributors so we contacted a couple.

With the passage of time and due to the nature of these products, it’s difficult to trace back.

We did find that (All Clean Group) use APC Overnight and that their local depot is TRANSEXPRESS INTERNATIONAL COURIERS LIMITED

Enviroclean is another distributor for Clover Chemicals who also uses APC Overnight and their local depot is APC Edinburgh

Express Cleaning Supplies ( is yet another distributor that also use APC Overnight with local depot being APC Maidstone

Janicare use APC Overnight have lost their consignments have been lost by them in the past. Their local depot is Wilsons Express Same Day Limited also known as Kent Cleaning Supplies (Industrial) Ltd use APC Overnight but nothing has been lost recently. Their local depot is Wilsons Express Same Day Limited

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Traced back to APC Overnight Customer Powerlite

The information on the label FLR664x14 helped me to easily trace the item back to Key Lighting

I contacted Powerlite formerly Key Lighting and they are current customer of APC Overnight with Euro-Trans Despatch being their local depot.


01535 616 300


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Documentation Enclosed DPD Customer

I contacted Aidapt Bathrooms who distribute direct and have never used APC Overnight or Swift Despatch.

Not sure how a DPD customer’s parcels ended up in the APC Overnight depot.

Serial no. 00313621

Telephone: 01744 745 045

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ASSET TAGGED Hereford Rewinds

A box containing a Lowara submersible pump with Hereford Rewinds asset tagging.

Herefords Rewinds is not a customer of APC Overnight but located on the same Thorn Business Park as local depot APC Hereford.

Simply contacting them would have helped in returning the item to its true owner.

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Delivery Address Labelled. Documentation Enclosed

A box containing a quantity of greetings cards.

This box has a delivery address on it and enclosed paperwork.

There is no evidence that reasonable efforts were made to trace this back to its original owner.

At the very least, the parcel should have been cleansed so as not to pass on any commercially sensitive information before being sold on.

Carte Blanche, PO Box 500, Chichester, W. Sussex, PO20 2XZ

Box makes reference to City Link so not sure how it ended up at APC Overnight