IMServ Milton Keynes IMServ Meter Operator IMServ Metering Electricity Meters

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IMServ Milton Keynes IMServ Meter Operator IMServ Metering Electricity Meters
IMServ Europe Ltd IMServ Metering Meter Maintenance Services Electricity Meters
We purchase goods from public auctions for resale that may have emanated from parcel companies.
Sometimes, during our product research we find the sender, the sender usually wants their goods back as our tracing back to sender demonstrates that the respective parcel companies did not take reasonable efforts to do so.
IMServ have been informed and have expressed an interest in having these returned.

I only came across IMServ during my product research, I contacted them information for more information on the products as there were some labels on some of the meter that made reference to them.

Subsequently, they claimed that the box of electricity meters belonged to them and/or their customers and that they were lost by UK Mail. Then, they asker consignment numbers, dates sent, delivery details because they aren’t great at keeping records. Also, that as a result of me getting in touch with them, they have conducted an internal investigation resulting in one of their employees leaving the company. Bit sad really, they picked on some poor employee when the parcel company that took the piss.

They now use a new courier company – TNT. They don’t use UK Mail anymore.

Update 20/10/2017:

It has been established that RPS45392 is an internal UK Mail document that I found in a box of electricity meters sold on by UK Mail.The electricity meters belonged to a now former UK Mail customer – IMServ Europe Ltd and its client including many well-known utility companies.

UK Mail’s  RPS (Retained Property Store) who deal with undelivered and unclaimed consignments (that’s lost post and missing packages) would have taken reasonable steps to trace the owner/ customer/ sender/ recipient as required to do so under the Torts Interference with Goods Act 1977.

But UK Mail failed to do so and sold it on via their preferred auction house – City Auctioneering in Bristol.


This is full itemised list of all the items:
1. October 2012 Certified Z45/M12. Single Phase Watt Hour Meter. Property of: ScottishPower. L312J23185. Landis+Gyr. Type 5235A. 20-100A 50Hz. 1PH 2W 230V Cl 2 2012. 5235A022006-110912X2H. P/N: 238-97510-06
2. PRI Limited 0379651. Skyline -120. WAN. PRI29469. Part No.: PMR000-156. Mfd: 2010.
3. Siemens. 1000 imp/kWh. S2AM. Cl2. 230V 50Hz. 20-100A. EN 61036 (1996). Property of S + S. 2002. S2AM-100. F02C 53609. Certified S 09/02.
4. ABB A1700 Programmable Polyphase Meter. Made in UK. 0.04 varh / Imp. PB2CVVRCT-G 2002. SUPPLIED BY :- IMServ 02080128 invensys. Multi Utility Compatible. Certified T 10 02. Site:- Royal Surrey Hospital Guildford. MSID / MPAN:- 1900060413216. Serial No:- 02080128. Outstation No:- 002. Tariff:- E7-lmp. 1/2hr Data Y/N. CT Ratio:- 100/5. VT Ratio:- 11,000/110. Output Pulse Value:- MP71. kWh/kV Arh
5. EDMI ATLAS Mk10D. E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 E6 E7 E8 E9 E10 E11 E12. Reconnect. Display Select. Pulse 1. Pulse 2. CE M12 0120. UK/0120/SGS0009. 0,5-10(100)A. 10 imp/kWh. SN: 212433633. 1D11-1B-151-17-F11-200031-2. E12BG10083. 10D-031. Made in Singapore.
6. ELSTER A1700 PB3CABYCT-Z 2007. Property of :- Western Power Distribution K1440 K07D00450. Multi Utility Compatible. IMServ MPAN 2199989672011. Cen Day Swansea Road, Exchange. 07824463420.
7. Entity PRI. AACOP5 800/5. PRI Premier Manufactured in UK. Serial No : P99A21674. Type No: P3TA23. Part No: P3TA23/11B43EN5. Property of: London Electricity plc. 3 phase 4 wire. 3 x 230/400V. 3 x 5-6 A. 50 Hz. Lithium Battery.
8. ABB A1700 Programmable Polyphase Meter. Made in UK. PB2CBBRCT-G 2002. Supplied by: IMServ 02080129 invensys.
9. save energy. PRI. EDF Energy. PRI Sprint XP Secure Serial No : P09A11370. Type No : S3DXP210. Part No : S3DXP210/05060004/AB. Property of : EDF Energy CFS. Lithium Battery. 2009. Entity.
10. Elster A1700 CTs 1000/5. Multi Utility Compatible. Made in UK. PB3CABYCT-Z 2007. K07FB00683. Property of: Siemens Energy Services. SMSL-3000009. Siemens Energy Services, C & I Meter Operations, Woodyard Lane, Off Lambourne Drive, Wollaton, Nottingham, NG8 1GB (LAB50). Registered Office: Siemens House, Oldbury, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 8FZ. For Information 0115 906 6589.
11. Elster A1100 LB3AACBS-A 2014. Property of:- SSE Metering Ltd. K14C06551. CE M14 0120. FW 2-01166-M. IrDA Tx. kWh Cl. A EN 50470. 0120/SGS0054. 4kV. 010446000559. LK0043111S.
12. elster A1700 Multi Utility Compatible. Made in UK. PB3CABYCT-ZK 2012. K12TB00395. Property of:- Siemens Energy Services. SMSL-3000009. 006677000002
13. 1PHS 1RT SSC0393. May 2007 Certified Z35/M07. Single Phase Watt Hour Meter. Installed by: OnStream. A07X121954. Type 5235A. IMServ MPAN 2199999695771. Venturin Farm, Narberth. Exchange. 5235A0707-140507
14. elster A1700. PB3CABYCT-ZK 2012. Property of:- Enterprise Metering K12M00275. 007610000039.
15. Elster Made in UK A1140. IMServ MPAN 2199995580349. HSS Hire, 5 Lovver High St, Merthyr, Faulty Exchange. Metering System Operated by IMServ Helpline: 01908 257779. LK0056467
16. GEC Meters Pocket Stradcom Modem V21/ V.22
17. Liberty 3P P10W696694 Yr. 2010. Type: E3PD14-041/M. 3Ph, 4W, 50Hz, Cl 1.0. 3X230(400)V, 20-100A. 800 imp/kWh. entity PRI. e.on… dedicated Pay As You Go business team… 0845 302 4272.
18. Swalec. Type: YL11D. Landis & Gyr. 3 Phase 4 Wire. Watt-Hour Meter. 3×240. 3×100. 50Hz. 20 REVS per kWh. The Property of:- The South Wales Electrical Board. 1711638. Made in Gt. Britain.
19. IMServ MPAN 2199998996978. First Floor, TSB Bank, Blue St, Carmarthen, Exchange.
20. ABB Made in UK. Type: E43B3B-H. 3PH 4W 50Hz. 30 rev/kWh. KG00J0… Property of Manweb plc.
21. EDMI Mk7C. CE M11 0120. UK/0120/SGS0001. 220-240V. 0.5-10(100)A. 50Hz. Class B. 3K7. IMServ MPAN 2199999765257. Communal Supply, Croft Court, Pembrokeshire Upgrade to 3PH. G4S Installation/Removal Details. Old Meter: 2109427. New Meter: 011253386. G4S Utility Services Limited, Sutton Park House, 15 Carshalton Road, Sutton, Surrey SM1 4LD. EDMI LIMITED Energy Meter Calibration Date: 30.04.2012
22. Pocket GEM II V.22 C.22bis. Dataflex CE. Made under Licence from DATAFLEX.
23. ASL Holding LTD. ASLH306TE. The Oaks, Spring Hill Office Park, Harborough Road, Pitsford, Northampton NN6 9AA 01604 883 880. 306000049560. 07545 366623.
24. GSM/GPRS with TCP/IP ASL Delta Plus Mobile II. Communicating by Design. ASL.
25. X 55 M 11 Mar 11. ACE1000 SM0. Itron. EDF Energy S11B007364. Store code 61902E. Made in UK. 2011. 20-100A. 230V 50Hz. Meter quality checked. Mtr No. EDF Energy. BBBB00503442
26. Polyphase Energy Meter. Western Power Distribution D0350 D05D07003. Ampy Automation Peterborough PE6 8SE England. IMServ MPAN 2199999638009. Unit 56-57 Honeyborough Ind Est, Neyland, Milford Haven, Exchange. 5219A05601-220605.
27. APR8 540135020013827001. Mark Twaits. 25 Aintree Crescent. Southport. Merseyside. PR8 5NY. SWAP OUT – Do not deliver if nothing to collect. IMSERV EUROPE LTD (PACKAGE AC). Cons Number: 40135020013827. Weight 20. Parcel: 001. Telephone: 07917374646. Cust Ref: Twaits. 17/0/2016. NEXT DAY 65 PRESTON S040147/DE74 2HP
28. Actaris MC310H-R1-Z cl. 2. 3×230/400V. 20(100)A. No. 49018836. 2004. Property of Scottish and Southern Energy. S04R 36281. Certified G 07 2004.
29. AMPY Polyphase Energy Meter. Property of: South Wales Electricity PLC. 2768716. Type 5165F. 2-120A 50Hz. 230 / 400V. Cl2 2000. Made in UK. Reporter. Ampy Automation. IMServ MPAN 2199998996987. TSB Blue Street Carmarthen Exchange.
30. X 55 M05. Feb 05. ACE1000 SM0 Actaris. Property of Manweb plc. SW05J01329. Made in UK. 2005. 20-100A. 230V 50Hz. EN 61036: 1996. SW05J01329.
31. Elster EN62053-21 : 2003. A100C. Property of :- MANWEB plc. N406J29573. SJ1LACB-A 230V 50Hz. 20-100A. kWh Cl. 2.0 2006. Pseudo MJ1796.
32. Type CL 27.1 Landis & Gyr. 1 Phase 2 Wire A.C. Wh Meter Class 2.0 The Property of:- The Merseyside & North Wales Electricity Board. L71J07846. Made in GT. BRITAIN. Pseudo *MH4026*
33. 240V. 20-80A. 50 Hz. S 200.31. A.C. WATTHOUR METER. 1PH 2W. CLASS 2.0. FLOTON. Magnetic Bearing. This meter is the property of Southern Electricity Board. Sangamo Weston Ltd. Enfield. Middx. Eng. S71C 11082.
34. entity PRI Sprint SEMS. IMServ MPAN 2199994799893. Church of Jesus, Woodland Terrace, Pontypridd, Exchange. 1 RATE.
35. Radio Telemeter Series K. 1Ph 2W 50Hz 230V CL.2. BS EN61036. Made in England. Property of. Scottish and Southern Energy plc. H08C 11823. Type. K122F03. 20-100A. IC(D)100A. IC(C)25A. 2008. Horstmann. Single Element Radio Telemeter H08C 11823. Scottish and Southern Energy plc. Group Code 19. 341059. Q4. Night/Evening&Weekend
36. elster CE EN 62053-21 : 2003. A100C. Property of: Scottish Power. SJ1LACB-C. 230V 50Hz. 20-100A. kWh Cl. 2.0 2007. 4607P41826. LB0041121. 70501202.
37. 240V. 40A Max. 50 c/s. Sangamo Weston Ltd. Enfield. Middx. Eng. S 200.16 WATTHOUR METER. 250 revs/kWh. 1PH 2W. FLOTON Magnetic Bearing. S66J 00594. Property of the Merseyside and North Wales Electricity Board.
38. ISKRA Made in Slovenia. AC – 3 Ph 4 Wire. Type MT300-D2A51-F. No. 29 405 126. 3×230/400 V. 40(100) A. 50Hz. Property of S+S V02C12394. 27.734.314 BP
39. elster A100C. Property of: Scottish Power. 4607P27910. SJ1LACB-C. LB0041121. 70501202.
40. Type C11B2A-H. 20-80 A. 240V 50Hz. 1PH 2W. GEC Meters. Made in UK. BS5685. K94C44879.
41. entity PRI. PRI Premier Secure Serial No : P07C 04826. Type No : P3TA23. Property of: SSE. Lithium Battery. 2007. M1 100/5. Ratio: 300/5/ 230 Volts. Tariff: M1. IMP Value: 0.5. Register Value: As Display.
42. Landis + Gyr Dialog. Certified 05/03. WATT-HOUR METER. ZMD120ASdr53. No. 77 122 932. 50 Hz. IMServ MPAN 2199990460100. St. Mary RC Primary School, Exchange.
43. English Electric. Type C31B/M. Volts 240. AMPS 40MAX. K69J 10878. R/kWh 300. Property fo The Merseyside & North Wales Electricity Board. Made in Great Britain by The English Electric Co. Ltd London
44. PRI Premier Secure Serial No : P09A22466. Type No : P3TA23. Part No : P3TA23/11B43EN5/M. Property of: EDF Energy CFS. Lithium Battery. 2009. entity. IMServ MPAN 2000054530089 Unit L917-20 St Davids Centre Cardiff Exchange.
45. elster A1700 Multi Utility Compatible. Made in UK. PB3CABYCT-ZG 2011. K11TB00018. Property of: Siemens Energy Services. SMSL-3000009. 004539000057.


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