Serck Radiators Air Cooler Cummins Engine Parts QSK19 Rail Bombardier Voyager220


Siemens Bombardier Rail Cummins Engine QSK19 for Rail Serck Radiators Air Cooler

Serck Heat Exchange Mark III Charge Air Cooler CAC for a Cummins QSK19 Engine

Serck Heat Exchange Coleshill Cummins TFL Traction Cooler

The CAC was manufactured as part of refurbishment contract that Serck Heat Exchange (Unipart Manufacturing) had with Cummins. Serck Heat Exchange were informed in May 2017 when I acquired it and confirmed that it had been lost in transit but they would not contest ownership as their contract with Cummins had ended.
The CAC was acquired from an auctioneer that disposes of undelivered and unclaimed consignments from various parcel companies including UK Mail. Under the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977, the parcel company would have made reasonable efforts to trace it back to the owner or, paid out compensation. I’m assuming Serck received compensation as it would have been easy to trace back to Serck from the badge on the side as I did.

I e-mailed Serck Heat Exchange for information as I could only identify it as possibly being a traction cooler from looking at the website.

Serck e-mailed me back informing me that it was in fact a mk3 charge air cooler for the Cummins QSK19 engine. Also, that Serck had manufactured it as part of a refurbishment contract with Cummins that was coming to an end.

It is a mk3 charge air cooler for QSK19 rail applications – traction cooler.
The CAC unit was built at Serck’s facility in Coleshill, which recently closed, but has close ties with the Unipart Manufacturing facility at Beresford Avenue, Coventry.
I do not have Cummins engine number so I have been struggling to get a Cummins part number for it.
Cummins Wellingborough is the Rail engine recondition facility that service and replace these types of parts as they look after the rail fleet for Bombardier. From here, spares are distributed to Bombardier for their work with Virgin Trains at Burton-on-Trent and East Midlands Trains at Derby.
Bombardier Voyager family consisting of Class 220, Class 221 and Class 222 use the Cummins QSK19 Engine
It’s most likely for a Bombardier Voyager Class 220 but I cannot guarantee this.


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