When we contacted Olivia Constantine about her lost suitcase being sold by APC Overnight she had the following to say:

“I am signing because roughly 10 years ago a suitcase containing personal belongings that was being couriered from Yorkshire to Northumberland went missing. The courier company APC, denied it was ever loaded onto the truck and never helped us locate it. I now hear that they in fact lied and auctioned off my belongings in order to make a profit. I think this OUTRAGEOUS that they have done this with 1,000s of items. They have to take responsibility.”

Another one of many suitcases containing personal belongings and information traceable to owner:

The owner of the above suitcase also signed our petition commenting:

I’m signing because APC made no effort to return my belongings to me.

One thought on “Customer Signs Petition Demanding APC Overnight Take Responsibility for Selling Traceable Lost Parcels”
  1. APC have pulled the same scam with me just recently. On purchasing an expensive item from a retail seller on eBay I began to get concerned that expected delivery date had been and gone. After many chase attempts made to sellers courier APC I was beginning to fear the worst. APC swore that my purchase had been delivered to my address, and I knew then something was not quite right. They sent a guy to my address many days later claiming to be from APC, and he swore down blind that he himself had delivered to my address, which I knew and he knew was untrue. Anyways when I researched the courier APC alarm bells began to ring. I was now in a position where I had bought and payed for a purchase from a retailer, and the retailer was withholding a replacement until they received the undelivered purchase. This of course would be impossible as APC in my view have committed interference of goods act 1977, and I am in no doubt that my purchase was deliberately withheld in order to sell on for profit leaving myself out of pocket. I would have to question the integrity of the retailer as are they part of this appalling behaviour. APC urgently need held to account for their willingness to commit this sort of offence, and APC should be made an example of to other unscrupulous courier companies willing to commit interference of goods in order to profit.

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