True Owner

Owners find me selling their goods on eBay

On several occasions, some well-known parcel companies bought goods off me. These were commercial goods that they returned to corporate customers in the car manufacturing, fashion, media and telecoms industries.

The only case I had of goods belonging to a private individual was some kite-surfing equipment from UID freight that I had purchased from APC Overnight.

I was contacted by the true owner of the kites after he saw me selling them on eBay. The kites were subsequently returned to and the owner was kind enough to confirm in writing and show his appreciation:

Lost Kitesurfing Kites Returned
Kite-surfing: £1500+ lost kites returned after the true owner spotted me selling them on eBay.


I recommend signing up for an eBay account and using their favourites search feature which will notify you automatically provide you with regular updates by e-mail should any items be listed on eBay matching your keywords and other search criteria.