Celebrity Apogee Super Yacht Party Quincy Jones, Chris Tucker, Petra Nemcova

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An Awesome Celebrity Super Yacht Party on the Apogee Super Yacht hosted by Badr Jafar & Petra Nemcova
A celebrity yacht party featuring:
Badr Jafar
Petra Nemcova
Quincy Jones
Olga Nemcova
Chris Tucker
Recognised Quincy Jones and Chris Tucker but what about the rest. Thankfully Petra’s sister Olga had her name on a post-it note that was on her forehead. From there, it all unravelled.
These books were sold to me by APC Overnight from their unidentified freight. It looks like they were made for At Last Creative and their customer Petra Nemcova who is on their testimonials page.
Who was the APC Overnight customer? The book manufacturer, At Last Creative or Petra Nemcova? At Last! think they automatically own the books because they got their name on them. That’s like Penguin coming to me and wanting their books back. No response from Petra Nemcova management company either.
No valid claim from At Last Creative and no contact from Petra Nemcova. APC Overnight assured me that I have good legal title to everything they sold me.