APC Overnight Lists


Some examples of lists compiled upon collection of undelivered and unclaimed consignments from APC Overnight:



APC Overnight stated that they send a list of UID goods to all their depots as well as place a photo and description of goods on their website which can be accessed by depots. If those descriptions are of the standards their warehouse staff provided and/or compiled me with, I should be concerned.


“… we send a list of all UID goods to all of our depots on a daily basis. This enables the depots to quickly match packages to the correct customers when queries are received. We also place a photo and description of all UID goods on our website, which can be accessed by the depots for the same purpose.”

I told APC that I was interested in their photographic and descriptive standards. I asked him they had any backups of photos and descriptions of UID goods sold to me.

Thus far, they have not provided anything.


Examples from lists of UID goods:

Red lump of metal – What is this item exactly?

Assorted wines – We did not check what wines they were exactly and how many bottles.

Box of HP ink. What if the ink boxes had been re-used and actually contained completely different items?

Brown case with outdoor equipment. What outdoor equipment exactly?

APC staff and I did not spend much time debating but just wrote what we thought we had in front of us.

Box of handbags. New? Used? Full? Empty? Any documents inside? Brands?

Suitcase case of clothing. Just clothing? Did we miss any other contents?  Any electrical devices in the suitcase? Any personal identifiable information?

Pop up banner stands? I remember the large cases but I don’t recall any opening and checking the contents of the cases?

Scrap metal. Is it really scrap? Or is that we call it because we don’t what it is exactly?

Box of medical equipment. What medical equipment exactly?

Storage tanks. For what exactly? Did they have any contents inside it?

Quantity of Printed Stationery. I’m not so sure. What was printed on it then?

Bag of old magazines. Any personal documents?

Childrens bags – used? What was in them?

Small metal cabinet – no keys. What was inside the cabinet?

Box of Bupa boxes. What was inside the Bupa boxes?

Quantity of frames? What frames exactly?

Box of (building materials). Give us break down. Any other items in the box?

Pallet containing:-

yellow plastic (ball). Balls or balls?
display material. For what?
metal pieces. More information please.

Holdall bag containing personal belongings. What? Like personally identifiable information or personnel clothing or both?

Large hessian bag – rucksacks. New/used. Full/empty?

Packaging material. What if you removed the packaging material and found goods in the box?

Box of silicon. Silicone sealant or silicone breast implants?

Box of books. On what subject?

Stationery. Plain/printed. New/used?

Box of envelopes. Containing employee contracts?

Pallet containing suitcases. What was in the suitcases?

Box of files. Medical files? Legal files?

Exhibition display stand. We never bothered the checking the contents of the transit cases, we just assumed there were display stands inside.

Rucksack x2. Containing?

Box of stationery. New? Used? Plain? Printed?

Kipling holdall bag. Don’t remember seeing that when I uncovered the pallets.

Piping? What piping exactly?

Birthing pool / Camping Equipment. Well, which is it?

Box of misc stuff:

Box of misc stuff. Could have sold me absolutely anything.

Bubble wrapped item – private address. So did they check the address?

Pernod – 1 box. Never seen it when I uncovered the pallets.

x1 pallet electrical equipment. Have they lost any of your electrical equipment?

x1 pallet misc old freight. Have they lost anything of yours ?

Folders. Yes, but they forgot to mention the documents inside the folders.

Unfortunately, these lists are so flawed and sketchy that when I provided an accurate description and raised concerns with APC Overnight, they simply denied selling these items.

APC Overnight Sensitive Media
The sensitive media which I refer to in my original e-mail is passports, corporate accounts, financial statements, civil court documents, crown court documents, confidential legal agreements, sales contracts, interview tapes, surveillance footage, phone records, delivery notes, invoices etc…

Sensitive media

We have reviewed the lists of UID goods which have been sold to you since 2007 and we have been unable to identify any of the specific sensitive media which you refer to in your e-mail. APC would certainly never intentionally sell media or documents containing personal information and it is against our policies and procedures to do so. This leads me to question why you believe that the media and documents in question emanate from APC, as we assume your warehouse contains goods which you have purchased from elsewhere.”

The question is whether or not APC inadvertently sold or passed over sensitive media to me. If so, how many times?

Therefore, it is in my interests to locate the senders, recipients, customers, data controllers to trace items back to APC, otherwise they will simply deny any wrongdoing.

Checked bag – personal belongings

Boxes. Most of the items I picked up were in boxes but the boxes were not empty.

Lamb – stuff. I haven’t got a clue?

Bag of pouches – laptop/handheld computers

Misc mailpacks. Containing mail addressed to?

Black holdall (personal belongings). I remember this one. Had lots shoes in it and prescriptive medication with a child’s name on it. I’ll be contacting the parents.

Alcohol. How much alcohol? A bottle or 2 or enough to setup a respectable off-licence.

NHS/Medical equipment III. And the this equipment did not have asset labels attached referring to the relevant NHS trust?

Prescription medication. I noticed that member depot Gazelle International has clients that include medical companies.

Box of rubbers – I don’t have any erasers or any condoms. What rubbers exactly?

Dell box. What was in it ?

Black holdall. What was in it ?

Boxed envelopes. I have boxed envelopes containing many documents.

Dell laptop box. There was no laptop inside?

x2 cages containing misc stuff. That’s a lot of ‘stuff’ APC Overnight will deny selling me.

Prescription drugs

Syringes for horses. I did not find any. Maybe boxes that are clearly labelled horse shoe nails?

large box “misc stuff”. ??????

Black case. Containing?

1 box of misc products. What products?


Testing equipment. For testing who or what?

Box of PC equipment. What like hard drives containing corporate data?

Empty suitcase. This was the only empty suitcase I collected from them.

Mail bags. Yes, with plenty of mail inside.

Books. Perhaps they were well presented financial accounts?

Bag of personal belongings. Could be absolutely anything.

One could argue that the lists are flawed, inaccurate and unreliable.

Proposed Meeting

Proposed meeting.
Proposed meeting.

“I propose that.., APC Finance Director, also attends this meeting as he has detailed knowledge of the procedures referred to…”

This finance director has apparently been working for APC Overnight for over 17 years. I collected items from APC for 5 years and not once did I come across this person who they claim has detailed knowledge.

Due to the amount of items I have in my possession, I do not trust APC Overnight enough to let them walk into my home and starting looking through the numerous items that can clearly be identified as emanating from the undelivered and unclaimed consignments that they sold to me.

I did however take thousands of high resolution photos and offered to meet with senior management at the Ramada hotel just a mile down the road from their National Sortation Centre in Cannock.

I picked the same day and time that they were prepared to travel to Coventry to my place. I waited all day at the Ramada, hoping that they would change their minds, but they did not and insisted only meeting with me at my place.

Their actions inspired me to set up this website and I will be listing all items with detailed descriptions and high resolutions photos. I will of course be blurring out any sensitive personal and/or corporate information.

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