Most undelivered and unclaimed consignment and lost property

Where do your undelivered items end up?

In most cases, if your items have any monetary value, they will end up on eBay.

Lost Property Sold on eBay
eBay is the biggest online marketplace for resellers of goods that have emanated from lost property departments.

I bought many goods from public auction houses which were attended by many other eBay sellers who like myself took a particular interest in goods lost in transit.

We would often bid against each other like you see the current TV series. I would often come in unshaven and looking cruffy, hide amongst other members of the public in the sale room, bid fast, bid slow, bid high to put people off, run up a competitors bids…

I attended auction houses in Coventry, Birmingham and Bristol. All of which at some point sold undelivered and unclaimed consignments.

If I was ever outbid, I could always search an item on eBay and often I found the eBay account or eBay shop of person who I was bidding against in the public sale room.

Find your lost property on eBay

If a parcel company declared your consignment lost or missing, it will typically keep it in storage for 3 months before selling it on either via a public auction house or other private business.

Your may or may not want to claim on the insurance cover provided by the parcel company if it does not cover the value of your item(s). Either way, you might be interested in acquiring back your items if and when they are found.

There is a good chance that your item(s) may end up on eBay.

I recommend signing up for an eBay account and using their favourites search feature which will notify you automatically provide you with regular updates by e-mail should any items be listed on eBay matching your keywords and other search criteria.