APC Overnight’s conditions of carriage states that they dispose of undelivered and unclaimed freight. By law, they are required to take reasonable steps to trace the true owners of goods before selling (disposal) them on.

These goods acquired from APC Overnight are an example of such goods that even we have failed to identify. They are made from a robust plastic and appear to be part of something more substantial. Please post in comments if you can guess what they are.

In a statement, APC Overnight claimed that they share images of UID freight with their network of independent depots. Unfortunately, this statement is just that – statement. There is no way to independent verify this and in no way does it demonstrate that APC Overnight take reasonable steps to trace the goods back.

If APC Overnight are selling your lost parcels the onus is on them to attempt to trace them back regardless of whether or not you or your customer have reported them missing – especially since they intend to sell them on.

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