APC Overnight would have had these bags of completed forms in storage for around 3 months giving them plenty of the time to take reasonable steps to trace them back to the owner or at the very least have them destroyed.

Again, as with all uninsured goods, they paid little or no attention and simply flogged them on.

The forms contain details of university students including their names, dates of birth, sex, e-mail address etc etc…

These forms would have been going back to Asda offices so the information could be added to their Student Shopper Card database.

Please do not make the mistake of using APC Overnight or its network of independent depots. It is important to know that when you deal with APC Overnight you are effectively dealing with 3 separate companies – the depot that collects the parcels, the hub that sorts the parcel and the depot that delivers the parcel.

If you sell dog food or beer, use APC Overnight. If you have anything important, please consider more established and professional couriers.

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